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Graduates using the PCWEC designation have been verified when their name appears in our Professional Certified Women Empowerment Coach Success LifeCoach for Women Directory.  They have completed the Coaching Training accreditation requirements. 

In addition to the coursework, our PCWEC Success Life Coach for Women Graduates have completed hands-on coaching fieldwork where they have coached REAL clients through our coaching process.  This fieldwork was assessed and verified for accreditation.

 PCWEC Success Life Coach For Women Graduates
2018 Graduates


2019 Graduates

 Cosmina Marginean

2020 Graduates

Isabelle Nanin

Juaitan Robinson

Meenakshi M Singh

Shreya Sharma

Sommer Currie

Jothi Dugar

Pial Khadilla Abdullah

Jennifer Hughes

Edwina Y Dortch

Lucy Urquidi

Rim Zbakh 

Nur Ahdiah Binti Mohamed Salleh 

Karina Todd 

Janelle Iniguez

Maria Alexandra Becker

2021 Graduates

Sofia Smina

Betty Chatzipli

Theresa Abdelaziz 

Firdaws Oyebisi P-Ibrahim 

Bojana Marčetić    

Yasamin Brown 

Lisa Giovine 

Serra Cicek

Wendy Blackett-Hyden

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