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Certified Positive Thinking Life Coach Directory

Graduates using the CPTLC designation have been verified when their name appears in our Certified Positive Thinking Life Coach Directory.  They have completed the 20+ hour CPTLC Life Coaching Training Program accreditation requirements. 

In addition to the coursework, our Certified Positive Thinking Life Coaches have completed hands-on coaching fieldwork where they have coached REAL clients through our coaching process.  This fieldwork was assessed and verified for accreditation.

 CPTLC Designated Graduates

2018 Graduates

Waner ZhangGuan

Kardell Sims-Bey

Katarina Nokolic

Marc Fischbein

Alejandra Burdiles

Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

2019 Graduates

Daniela Lombardi

Elisa Yvette Clayton

Mariela Sanchez

2020 Graduates

Neeshia Jasmara

András Kapros

2021/22 Graduates

Erica Woolford

Petra Brunnbauer

Yasamin Brown

Stefi Sterlin 

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