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Certified Self-Esteem Life Coach Directory

Graduates using the CSELC designation have been verified when their name appears in our Certified Self-Esteem Life Coach Directory.  They have completed the 20+ hour CSELC Life Coaching Training Program accreditation requirements. 

In addition to the coursework, our Certified Self-Esteem Life Coaches have completed hands-on coaching fieldwork where they have coached REAL clients through our coaching process.  This fieldwork was assessed and verified for accreditation.

 CSELC Designated Graduates

2018/19 Graduates

Waner ZhangGuan

Kardell Sims-Bey

Katarina Nokolic

Marc Fischbein

Alejandra Burdiles

Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

Daniela Lombardi

Elisa Yvette Clayton

Mariela Sanchez

2020/21 Graduates

Neeshia Jasmara

Becka Drake

András Kapros

Erica Woolford

Petra Brunnbauer

Yasamin Brown

2022/23 Graduates

Natasha Ortega

Milou Harlock

2024/25 Graduates


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